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The Midwest Korean Translation team specializes in enhancing businesses and law firms by building genuine relationships that pierce the language barrier. We do this through interpretation, translation, and educating our clients on advanced cultural etiquette.

Korean Interpretation

Through interpretation, or transferring one spoken language to another, we provide our clients a glimpse into the world of Korean culture. We don’t just interpret--we provide an experience. Our goal is to minimize the awkwardness and gap that can potentially arise between you and your Korean client (I’m talking about those times when you speak and from the awkward look on their face you know that they didn’t understand you, but you both keep moving forward so as not to break the mood). If we succeed, then this in turn enhances the relationship you have with your client because you’ll be able to relate with them, have more personable conversations, and successfully get your point across. The result is greatly increasing the likelihood of future, long-term collaboration (quality clients) and the chance that they will tell others about your amazing services (more clients).

Collaborating with someone who speaks the Korean language also gives you the massive opportunity to break into a new market: the Korean community in your city, state, or even South Korea itself.

In legal settings, Robert’s services are often sought for depositions when flawless English interpretation of the Korean language on record, which a judge will later review, is essential for success. Robert’s first language is English, so he’s guaranteed to speak in a way that the judge will understand.

Enhance your business with a professional cultural liaison. Choose your need below:

  • Immigration, Law/Litigation

  • Translation

    Need to communicate using pen? No problem. We also provide translation, or transferring one written language to another, in which we ensure that what you have on paper is seen, read and understood by your clients. Our goal in translating is to make it as if the other person reads and writes English just like you do (and vice versa for them). The result is a smooth, comfortable line of communication where you don’t have to worry about whether or not your point came across--you can focus on the business or legal issue at hand and acquiring more clients.

    What might you need translations for?

  • Court orders
  • Affidavits
  • Legal and Business Contracts
  • Leases
  • Service Agreements
  • Emails
  • Government documents
  • *Certified translations available. Please inquire.