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그를 통역사로 선택한 것은 내 최고의 결정이었다. 아주 만족했고 다음에도 또 같이 일할 것이다.

이유리 과장
Design YL

Robert was involved in a trade delegation project where 8 Korean companies visited U.S. to survey U.S. market meet potential buyers. He not only learned product information of each companies quickly but also translated their needs into the real business opportunities by successfully arranging initial business meetings. He also interpreted during the 1:1 meetings for one of my clients and they were very happy about Robert's service.

Gary Kim
KOTRA, Global Business Development Manager

철수씨가 통역을 참 잘 했습니다. 한국 사람인줄 알았습니다. 그리고, 한국어 발음 뿐 만 아니라 한국에 대해 공부하고 많은 지식을 갖추고 있어서 한국사람들이 외국에 갔을때 철수씨처럼 실력이 있는 분들을 만나면 참 좋을것 같습니다.

단무장, 제주특별자치도립 서귀포합창단


I, Robert D. Holloway IV, was born to a mother who was adopted from South Korea and a father of African-American descent. My mother grew up in America and didn’t have the opportunity to speak Korean or live in the culture she was born into. Knowing this, I was inspired to learn about my Korean heritage and began my quest for knowledge of traditional Korean culture. This included first and foremost understanding and speaking the language. In 2008 I moved to Seoul, South Korea to attend Ganada Korean School. I also worked at 2 Korean businesses in order to participate in the culture as much as possible and not just be an observer. After graduating in 2010, I relocated to Chicago where I continue to study and immerse myself in the knowledge and traditions of my Ancestors/Heritage. This approach has allowed me to further challenge and improve my Korean speaking skills. In my quest for knowledge of my ancestral culture, I encountered a deeper understanding of African traditions. On this path I have dedicated a large part of my life to studying, understanding and applying traditional African values and traditions. As with Korean culture, this too included learning an African language. This uphill journey has taken me several years, and as a result I have been able to obtain a clearer understanding of my place in this world. Before, I identified myself as “Korean” or “African” and saw many distinct differences between the two cultures, but this has changed. After living in Korea, traveling to Africa, learning both languages, and experiencing both cultures firsthand I’ve come to realize the similarities in their languages, fundamental human values, and essentially their unity. I now see this same unity in myself. I realize that instead of being divided as a “Korean” or “African”, I have a greater sense of harmony as a human being.

I have come to a greater understanding of the importance of traditional culture and applying it to one’s life. I hold strong the philosophy that one’s culture is the best resource for all things and that using the tools of one’s culture to support oneself is a positive thing.

Midwest Korean Translation, through offering professional Korean language services, has allowed me to offer my expertise as a fluent speaker and someone who has come to learn the language by directly participating in the Korean culture, and not as an outsider.

Midwest Korean Translation has 3 goals

  1. To provide a door for our linguists to find success with MKT by providing the highest quality professional Korean language services in the Midwest U.S.
  2. To unite Korean and Black/African communities in Chicago, the Midwest U.S. and the world.
  3. To serve as an example of someone who has found success in life as well as financial security by simply living their culture.

It is my wish that by reading this and seeing my life you will be encouraged to use the tools of your own culture to build your life. May you and those around you be inspired to hold high that which belongs to you.

Robert D. Holloway IV (심철수)
Founder and Owner of Midwest Korean Translation



  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Chicago Police Dept. HQ, 2017 – Tour and formal presentation on at-risk juveniles for the Seoul Police Department (Kwanak Division).
  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Drinker, Biddle & Reath LLP, 2017 – Videoconference interpretation for 30-(B)(6) patent infringement deposition preparation meeting.
  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Confidential client, 2017 - Deposition interpretation for an estate/heirship dispute.
  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Confidential client, 2016 – Videoconference interpretation for a deposition regarding medical malpractice.
  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Various clients, 2016-present – Numerous interpretations (simultaneous and consecutive) for legal depositions and litigations including criminal, civil, and small claims cases throughout Cook County and Illinois State.
  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Confidential client, 2016 - Simultaneous interpretation for an annual team meeting for an international cookware enterprise.
  • (Highlight of Past Assignments): Uijeongbu Police Department, 2010 - Interpretation for an adoptee in the Civil Services Department
  • (Education): Master Korean Interpreter Jackie Noh, 2017 - Intensive 2-day interpretation course going over consecutive, simultaneous and sight translation skills, with a focus on the NCSC state legal certification oral exam.
  • (Education): Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, March-July 2017 - Court Interpreter IL State Certification Intensive Oral Exam Online Course
  • KOTRA, 2016 (Chicago, IL)– Interpreter for buyer’s meetings for:
    • Ansan-Chicago Trade Delegation
    • Ch’oong Nam-Chicago Trade Delegation
    • Daegu-Chicago Trade Delegation
  • Ace Machinery Co., LTD/American International Machinery, 2016 (Wisconsin & Illinois) – Interpreter for the installation and employee training for a folding gluer machine
  • Hanul Family Alliance, 2016-Present (Chicago Immigration Office) – Interpreter for Immigration Cases
  • Design YL, 2016 (McCormick Place, Chicago, IL) – Event interpreter for the International Home & Housewares Show
  • Regal Ware, 2015 (Wisconsin)– 1 of 5 select interpreters for a large welcoming and tour event of over 120 visitors
  • Korean Government Public Procurement Service, 2015 (Chicago, IL) – Interpreter for a buyer’s meeting for a confidential Korean manufacturing company
  • Midwest Hardwood Corporation, 2015 (Wisconsin) – Interpreter for a business transaction for a Korean lumber company
  • World Routes Conference, 2014 (McCormick Place, Chicago, IL) – Staffed and managed the conference’s Korean interpreter team
  • Hanul Family Alliance, 2013 (Park Ridge, IL) – Korean clinical interpreter for one of the largest annual health fairs held for Illinois’ Korean community
  • The Private Bank, 2013 (Chicago, IL) – Reverse Mortgages presentation interpretation
  • Take Charge! Illinois Seminar on Identity Theft Campaign, 2013 (Chicago, IL) – Seminar interpreter
  • University of Chicago School of Medicine, 2012 (Chicago, IL) – Colorectal Cancer Seminar interpreter
  • RefugeeOne, 2012 (Chicago, IL) – Financial/business chuchotage interpretation for a North Korean refugee
  • Hanul Family Alliance, 3/2011–6/2013 (Chicago, IL) – Social Services Interpreter


  • Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Course
    AcuTrans, Chicago, IL February 2015
  • Illinois Court Interpreter Certification Program
    Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, Chicago, IL October 2014
  • Professional Legal Interpreter Training Course
    Metaphrasis Language and Cultural Solutions, LLC, Chicago, IL April 2014
  • Medu Myeet Language 3-year Certification Program
    The Earth Center of Maanu, Chicago, IL May 2013​
  • Professional Medical Interpreter Training Course
    Metaphrasis Language and Cultural Solutions, LLC, Chicago, IL May 2013
  • Successful completion of Advanced Level Korean Culture and Linguistics
    GANADA College of Korean Language Studies, Seoul, South Korea 2008 – 2010